Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Sure enough, today's work involved making the stock page delete entries from both its table and the database that it uses to make the data persist.

Finished that part before lunch!

The rest of the time I worked on using regular expressions to check for bad user input, made some elements fade in/out, etc. All around a much better make-believe investment experience.


This one is actually at a different codepen URL from the last entry; I wanted to start working from a new copy in case I broke something. I should really make proper files and put these on github... will get on that soon.

In other news, I went to an introductory Internet of Things workshop tonight and learned to collect temperature/magnetic switch information using a Raspberry Pi, which I then (paid for and) took home! So I'll be looking to get into some interesting or perhaps just silly hardware stuff soon. Big props to Nashville's own Initial State and Jamie Bailey for putting on the workshop.

setting up

Bonus pic from Hack Tennessee:

Your very own Q, of the eponymous Dev Dive on the left, talented classmate James on the right.

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