Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick update

A quick update for my lovely, scholarly and generous readers:

Still chugging along at Rails and finished up my Odin Project readings on the Active Record gem/fundamental part of the framework. Also did a lot of SQL exercises. Let's store all the data (and monetize it!)

Beyond that I've worked through the first 60 pages/2 chapters of Steven Skiena's The Algorithm Design Manual, 2nd edition. You can find an author-endorsed solutions wiki here (it contains practice exercises like a textbook, which I suppose it technically is).

I'm having a lot of fun with the book. It isn't an introductory book in that it doesn't teach you about what algorithms are so much it explains how to analyze and implement them-- I apparently picked up enough through MITx's MOOCs and my readings so far to be able to follow along algorithm/data structure-wise and just look up algorithms that I haven't seen yet (in Ruby!) online.

Math-wise, big O notation comes pretty naturally given my time studying calculus and one "war story" (as the author puts it) also dealt with a number theory problem-- feels like the next step for me in computer science and math. Love it!

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