Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Critical Mass

Been doing a healthy amount of Rails reading lately and get the feeling that I'll soon be able to put some baby steps on the ground and build things. The general concepts are starting to click, which is really exciting-- it's already quite rewarding in that I'm feeling a sense of newfound literacy, but beyond that, I'm also going to get to build things... whatever I want. Can't ask for more than that.

Progress report!

I'm about halfway through step five of Hartl's Rails tutorial, read up (via the The Odin Project and Ruby on Rails guides) on the basics of routing, controllers, views and the asset pipeline, am continuing to read through Sandy Metz' POODR, and am gitting along with git (apologies) better thanks to yochiyochi.rb.

During the last meetup we discussed Rails' preprocessor engines, primarily CSS/SCSS using the Sprockets gem, and I frantically and desperately expanded my git knowledge in order to keep up with the group's weekly collaborations-- specifically I learned more about rebasing as opposed to merging, was introduced to a really cool interactive git exercise/visualization site, and was introduced to a CSS to SASS/SCSS converter.  All new to me, but it's super helpful to have people pointing me in the right direction.

I also got to overhear a nuanced discussion on the relative merits of different text editors. VIM? Emacs? Nano? Do people use Nano as a general-purpose editor? So far I've only been seeing it when git demands an explanation for my merges and have been totally lost as to how to operate it. Well, not lost anymore, but the first time was a doozy (ctrl + s? No? ctrl + q? Esc? What? CTRL+ALT+DEL???).

I see a lot of Sublime Text and am using Textmate myself.

Text editors: absolutely interesting. And GNU/Linux naming controversy? I do enjoy my Wikipedia rabbit holes. Which means it's about time to go for a run before this gets out of hand.

See you soon and with new code!

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